Does Your Life Lack Passion and Purpose?

Do you feel heavy, overwhelmed and tired all the time? Does it sometimes seem like nothing you do truly matters? You may feel as though you aren’t enjoying anything anymore, even when you’re participating in a relationship, project or activity that once brought you joy. It may be that you’re searching for something that can bring happiness into your life, but joy and contentment seem beyond your reach. Perhaps you’re struggling to focus, and the world seems foggy and colorless. You might sometimes feel completely numb, and at others times, so sensitive and vulnerable that you can barely hold all of your sadness and frustration in. It might be that you frequently lash out or withdraw from others, or sense that people don’t want you around. Do you feel like a burden in your relationships and a failure in your career? Do you wish you could stop feeling stuck in the past, break free of negative patterns of behavior and thinking that stand in your way and feel happy, confident and able to enjoy your life?

Struggling with the symptoms of depression can be draining and defeating, especially when it’s nearly impossible to believe that your life could be different. You may find it difficult to fall asleep at night and get out of bed in the morning, especially if you dread the workday or social obligations looming ahead of you. It might seem as though there’s no way for you to have a good day, and despite all of your accomplishments and qualifications, you might feel inadequate or weak around your peers. At home, at work and around others, you may doubt, criticize or second-guess yourself, leading to prolonged periods of procrastination and regret. Even when you try your hardest and receive approval or praise, you might feel certain that your coworkers and boss all share the belief that you’re off in some way and your performance will never be up to par. And, even when life looks good on the outside, you may feel empty and undeserving of all that you have. You may feel plagued by doubts about your potential for success or guilty for the sadness you carry, which further erodes your sense of self-worth. Maybe you don’t know how to believe in yourself.

Many People Feel Weighed Down by Depression Symptoms

It’s very common for capable, career-driven people to struggle with depression, especially young professionals who are trying to figure out what they want and where they belong. That said, depression can affect anyone, from any age, background or walk of life. If a heavy sadness is sapping the joy from your life, or if low self-esteem is holding you back from pursuing your goals and dreams, you are far from alone.

In this fast-paced, success-oriented society, it’s common to understand your work, relationship status and lifestyle as a reflection of your very self. If you are doing well, you have value; if you aren’t, you don’t. Understandably, many people attempt to find meaning and purpose through career advancement, material wealth and other external markers of success. As a result, when you feel stuck in an unsatisfying job or hopeless in your relationships, it’s common to feel inadequate, bored with life and profoundly sad. And, even if it looks like you’ve created the ideal life, you may still feel unfulfilled and hollow. It can be easy to doubt that the happiness you’ve been chasing even exists.

In truth, your worth has little to do with your status, and there are many reasons why you may be feeling unable to find pleasure and joy in your life. Some people are genetically pre-disposed to depression. Others carry lingering wounds from painful childhoods that reemerge in times of stress and uncertainty, or that impact their daily decisions and interpersonal relationships in ways they may not be consciously aware of, but nevertheless have significant effects. If you’ve held negative beliefs about yourself for a long time, it makes sense that it seems like they must be true.

Regardless of its source, depression can impact every aspect of your life. It can stand in the way of healthy, productive relationships with family members, friends and coworkers. It can especially damage your relationship with yourself. Thankfully, with the help and support of a therapist who specializes in depression treatment, you can learn how to build self-esteem, let go of limiting beliefs and begin to create a fulfilling, connected life.

Depression Counseling Can Help You Find Peace and Joy

Therapy offers a safe, supportive place for you to connect with a trained, compassionate professional who will truly listen to, understand and accept you. As you work with Peter, you can explore your thoughts and process your emotions without fear of judgment or criticism.

By giving yourself the space and time to investigate how you’re feeling, you can put those feelings into words that foster self-compassion and self-esteem, and begin to more fully trust and value yourself, just as you are.

In depression therapy sessions, Peter will offer the guidance and support you need to investigate past experiences and current patterns, and identify how they are impacting your life today. He can also help you recognize and nurture you inner strengths and best qualities, no matter how difficult they may be to see right now. As you feel more self-assured and balanced, you can also develop greater resiliency, allowing you to maintain stability and calm even in the most challenging situations. Peter can also help you set healthy relationship boundaries and become more open to others, which is key to cultivating connection and community.

Peter is trained and skilled in the application of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and mindfulness practices, all of which can help you better understand your thoughts and emotions and interrupt patterns that are keeping you stuck. Although Peter will draw from these approaches, his depression counseling practice is centered on you, as an individual, and your individual personality, needs and therapy goals. He prioritizes holding space for you to speak and feel heard, without overshadowing those needs with problem solving and advice. He will meet you where you are and offer interventions, strategies and coping skills that can serve you when traumas, losses and stressors trigger or increase depression symptoms. And, by increasing your self-awareness and implementing healthy lifestyle changes, you can boost your energy level, elevate your mood and increase your sense of wellbeing, thus improving your overall quality of life.

No matter how bleak the world may seem today, coping with depression is possible. With help, you can liberate yourself from the negative, self-critical thoughts and emotions that are blocking out your light. You deserve to feel whole, empowered and happy.

You may have questions or concerns about treatment for depression…

Will Peter prescribe me medication?

Many people feel better after working with a therapist. Others find that taking medication in conjunction with counseling is the most effective way of healing. Peter is supportive of whatever path feels right for you. Because he is not a psychiatrist, he cannot and does not prescribe medication. But, if you think that medication could help, he can help you find an appropriate psychiatrist.

How long does depression counseling take?

Peter is here to help you feel better, and he will work with you until you feel that you know how to cope with depression and enjoy your life. Every person is different, and no two people have the same therapy experience. Because he knows how painful and frustrating depression can be, Peter will create an individualized treatment plan that can bring you the fastest possible relief without relying on quick fixes. That said, it’s important to be patient and compassionate with yourself. The time you invest in counseling can only benefit your overall wellbeing in the long run.

I’m worried that talking about how I feel will just make this bad experience more intense.

Holding feelings in doesn’t make them go away, not matter how much we wish it would. And, while reflecting on past and present challenges can be difficult, as you express your true thoughts and feelings, you can feel an enormous sense of relief and release. Depression therapy can help you stop feeling overwhelmed by your emotions and start understanding them from a more balanced, accepting place. Then, you can learn from them, process them and let them go, freeing yourself to build resilience and enjoy greater peace.

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

Peter Howell invites you to call him at 734-666-3887 or email him at to schedule a free, 10-minute phone consultation. He welcomes any questions you may have about depression counseling and his practice in Detroit, MI.

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